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About Patriot Olive-74

With a pile height of 1 3/4" and Face Weight 50.00 oz.yd2, Patriot Olive-74 is ideal for pet areas, playgrounds, landscape. The combination of Field Green and Olive Green colors with Green and Tan thatching looks natural and realistic.

Made with resilient materials for safety, Patriot Olive-74 by Best Artificial Grass is the safest and the most durable alternative to traditional playground surfaces. Patriot Olive-74 is lush, beautiful green grass that is safe for kids to play on, soft to fall on, and cost effective.

Turn your lawn into a gorgeous, lush, always green and tranquil retreat and save on monthly maintenance fees and water bills for the next twenty years. Eco-friendly and certified by independent laboratories, Patriot Olive-74 can withstand a rough tear, wear, and extreme weather conditions.

Patriot Olive-74 is designed for commercial and residential landscapes. With the Patriot Olive-74 by Best Artificial Grass, you can have a perfectly manicured, beautiful looking lawn to be proud of and to cut off monthly lawn maintenance expenses.

Color: Field Green and Olive Green with Green and Tan thatching
Manufacturer: Global Syn-Turf
Brand: Global Syn-Turf
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color Field Green and Olive Green with Green and Tan thatching
pile height 1 3/4"
turf gauge 1/2"
face weight 50.00 oz.yd2
backing weight 24 oz.yd2
total weight 74 oz.yd2
stitch rate 1.5/10 cm
stitches/m2 1185
Roll Size (feet) 15' x 100'
Blade Diamond Blade


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