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Welcome to Global Syn-Turf – the leading manufacturer of artificial grass in the United States. We have the products and expertise to create always green, lush, beautiful space anywhere you desire - from residential and commercial landscapes, lawns and gardens to professional golf putting greens, playgrounds, and athletic fields. We stay at the vanguard of the industry by producing cutting-edge, realistically looking synthetic grass and developing new technologies that make our grass looks natural, soft, and fresh no matter weather or time of a year.

Synthetic grass specifications include a yarn's weight (a denier) measured in grams per 9,000 meters of material. More important regarding artificial turf quality is face weight - the consolidated weight of fibers and the backing to which it is tufted measured in ounces per square yard. Fiber exhibiting a high denier number, but sparsely tufted, will not add significantly to the face weight of the complete field. The heavier the grass face weight, the more yarn is in the product. There is also a monofilament synthetic fiber's thickness, measured in microns, is another specification more worthy of a buyer's attention than a denier. Chemistry plays a role in artificial grass ability to maintain color, withstand UV exposure and reflect heat.

Unique Grass Blades technology

The latest advancements in synthetic turf technology are deeply rooted in designing new types of fiber, or blade structure. The deviation from smooth, rectangular grass blades that tended to lie flat hasn't come overnight, and we have been paying unprecedented attention to the fiber tweaks over years. Global Syn-Turf fiber composition presents the latest advancement the synthetic turf industry hasn't seen in decades.

Global Syn-Turf manufactures monofilament synthetic grass fibers in dozens of different shapes, and can be viewed in cross section. Rectangles, triangles, diamonds, stem blades with vertical spines along their length are a popular choice for most homeowners and commercial property managers. For years, we were introducing new fiber shapes to improve resiliency and performance of turf.

The fiber shape determines how well a fiber resists fraying or how the grass area responds to solar glare and heat retention. Various blade shapes have been designed to improve fibers memory (resiliency); the capacity of the fiber stand up after being trampled down, and also reduce the glittering. Three-dimensional yarns resist the flattening effects of foot traffic.

C Blade is eco-friendly and ideal for commercial and residential landscapes.

C Shape Blade

The C-shaped blade gives the turf a natural look and offers soft and comfortable feel to a surface. This blade shape can be used in any application, however, it is most popular in residential and commercial
Diamond Blade

Diamond Blade

Diamond Blade is the most popular in the artificial grass industry for numbers of reasons. The diamond shape looks more realistic and gives the grass a soft feel. It also improves the durability of products,
Double S Blade

Double S Blade

The latest Double S-Shape blade has been designed to replicate rich natural grass in appearance and function and to lengthen the longevity of your lawn, playground or a sports field. The blade surface
Double W Blade

Double W Blade

Double W shape is the next generation of artificial grass. The three veins structure creates an authentic look, and a human eye can't recognize the difference between a natural and artificial grass.
Hollow Blade

Hollow Blade

The Hollow Blade is the technological break-through in the artificial grass manufacturing. The hollow thread in the center of the blade allows lower surface temperatures and creates natural, super-realistic
M Shape Blade

M Shape Blade

The M-Blade blade creates the most impressive and realistic looking lawns. The shape allows the light to pass through the surface in multiple directions, eliminating the shiny, fake look of it's less
S Blade is loved by homeowners for safety and beauty.

S Shape Blade

S-blade fibers offer a natural look, durability, and resiliency. The fiber structure is important to its longevity, especially when it comes to keeping the fibers vertical. High traffic areas may require
Seven Stem

Seven Stem

Seven Stems blades mimic the seven stem leaf structure and offer unique natural look, soft feel, and great resiliency. Multiple layers diffuse sun rays and dissipate heat allowing lower surface temperatures


The Stemgrass Blade is popular for its natural look and feel. Inspired by nature, Stemgrass blades are wider than diamond or flat counterparts. This blade design is suggested for residential and commercial
U Blade is the most durable, and beautiful alternative to the old playground surfaces.

U Shape Blade

The U-Blade is invented to improve the durability of synthetic grass and allows the surface withstand a high level of wear and tear. It intended for use in high-traffic areas, including sports fields
V Blade is often installed in public park's, playgrounds, and schools, it can help to reduce the risk of injuries.

V Shape Blade

The V-shaped fiber keeps the blades of grass upright for a longer period, making artificial grass conventional for intensive use. The shape of this blade mimics natural grass leaf, the source of inspiration
W Shape Blade

W Shape Blade

Thanks to W-shape technology, no longer will you have to worry about the temperature of your artificial turf. This unique fiber reflects sun rays instead of absorbing them, which will significantly reduce
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