Industry Leading

Unmatched quality with 10 years manufacturer's warranty

Super Realistic

The most realistic, plush, synthetic turf products

Superior Drainage

Our proprietary drainage system allows the best draining turf

Best East Coast Artificial Grass

East Cost Grass, Global Syn-Turf, offers more than seventy different types of highest quality artificial grass for residential and commercial lawns and landscapes, putting greens, sports fields, playgrounds, pet areas, rooftops, patios, decks, parks, city median, hotels and resorts.

Global Syn-Turf artificial grass has proven to be an excellent lawn choice for small, and large projects, commercial spaces or just adding a touch of green to low use areas of your yard. Artificial grass does not require maintenance, mowing, fertilizing, or watering. Global Syn-Turf highest quality, durable grass with super realistic look and feel comes with the unmatched 10-years manufacturer warranty. Our synthetic grass has the life expectancy of 20 years for regular use. The Global Syn-Turf artificial grass is the aesthetic choice for challenging to grow areas, hillsides, pet runs, non-play areas and commercial use. Call us today! Our experts will help you make the right choice purchase and answer your questions on turf styles.

Transforming the Future of Landscaping

We see landscaping of the future as both attractive and functional. Landscaping is an important part of any community, not only the joy it gives but the quality of life that it provides to humans and pets. Global Syn-Turf offers the modern landscape solutions to help you make smart choices and protect the environment.

Installing synthetic grass allows you to spend more time pursuing activities you enjoy. Artificial grass does not need regular maintenance, watering, mowing, fertilizing, or pests control. An artificial lawn stays green and perfectly manicured all year long. It doesn't grow and does not need to be mowed. Blades do not need to be sharpened on the lawnmower, and the oil doesn't have to be changed. An artificial grass lawn does not have to be rolled to smooth out bumps and will not grow excessively fast after a heavy rainstorm. As a homeowner, much of the time spent caring for the lawn is tied up in mowing and maintaining the lawn mower.

Artificial grass helps to conserve water and save money in the long run. You spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying outdoors. Your family can play on it as much as they like without fear of damaging it or wearing paths into it. Synthetic grass also stands up to pets and their habits.

With the uncertainties in today's economy, it is a great idea to save money any way you can. It's even better when you can save your time as well.

Environmentally friendly

Saves more than 1,000,000 gallons of water a year!

Global Syn-Turf is dedicated to producing 100% environmentally friendly artificial grass. Our synthetic turf eliminates the need for water. It also excludes the need for chemicals that seep into the soil (pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers.) Our eco-friendly, organic infills offer the safe and diligent way of making artificial lawns environmentally safe and provide the best alternative to the traditional landscape.

100% Lead-Free

Exceeds Governmental Standards

The Global Syn-Turf artificial grass is the highest quality artificial grass designed to improve our lifestyle. All synthetic grass products have undergone years of extensive research and development, including stability, flammability, lead, and wear resistance testing. Most importantly, all Global Syn-Turf artificial grass products are 100% lead-free! Our artificial grass meets the regulations and the governmental guidelines.

The Best,
10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Global Syn-Turf artificial grass has been distributing the highest-quality synthetic grass in the world. All our Synthetic Grass products are GUARANTEED TO LAST! We stand behind the quality and safety of our grass! We offer the 10-Year warranty, the best in the industry,!

No Watering, Mowing or Weeding

Think of time you can save for enjoyable activities if you didn’t have to waste hours mowing, watering, weeding, and fertilizing your lawn. Installing Global Syn-Turf artificial grass requires no maintenance and looks fabulous and green four seasons. The attraction of outstanding looking lawn is quickly catching on, making artificial grass become one of the most popular products in today's landscaping. There is no edging, mowing, and watering! There are not worries about harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and weed control. Home and business owners fall in love with the year round lush yard from Global Syn-Turf and low upkeep that realistic artificial grass creates for their properties.

Pet Friendly Turf with Ultimate Drainage

Our extremely durable, pet-friendly artificial grass for pets is the most attractive way to ensure a comfortable, odor-free, safe environment for your family and pets. The perfect drainage system is formulated with your pets in mind and takes care of unpleasant odors. Say no to muddy paws and brown spots. Accurately designed and engineered for pet use, the Global Syn-Turf artificial pet's grass series for dogs features specially treated polyethylene, making it literally impossible to stain or fade. Dogs cannot chew or dig through it. Natural infill materials are non-toxic and allow urine to drain right through quickly, making it an ideal surface for dogs. With our pet grass, you and your pet can have a beautiful lawn.

Unique Fiber Technology

Global Syn-Turf has taken realism of artificial grass to a new level. Our series of high-quality, elegant synthetic grass features a range of diverse colors and color's combinations, including single and double layered thatch to improve the natural grass appearance. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, Global Syn-Turf artificial grass offers long-lasting blades and dense structure.

Global Syn-Turf synthetic grass series include more than seventy artificial grass products for varieties of applications. Our Emerald, Performance, Spring, Mt. Sierra, Evergreen, Olive, Putting Green, Patriot and Pet Grass series offer genuine looking, ultra realistic look and feel, and eliminates the costly and tiresome maintenance and watering.

Why Choose Global Syn-Turf

Tested & Certified

Our products have passed vigorous tests and far exceed government standards

Safe & Soft

GST is 100% Lead-Free and soft to the touch

Superior drainage

GST turf drains at a rate of 30-inches per hour and is always ready for play

Stable in all climates

Winter, spring, summer or fall, GST gives you protection all year round

Most Realistic

Unique multi-colored blades match the look & feel of real grass

10 years Warranty

Global Syn-Turf offers a unmatched 15 year warranty

Artificial Grass Series

Global Syn-Turf Artificial Grass has taken realism to a new level. Our innovative series of high-quality, lush synthetic turf features a range of different colors and color's combinations, including single and double layered thatch to enhance the natural grass appearance. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, Global Syn-Turf artificial grass offers durable blades and dense construction.

Choose from nine series of synthetic grass with more than seventy turf products. Our Performance, Emerald, Mt. Sierra, Evergreen, Putting Green and Pet Grass series offer healthy looking, green grass without the costly and tiresome maintenance and watering.

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